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Miranda Cohen

In this post, we are going to discuss to share the health and fitness approach of model Miranda Cohen Workout. Miranda is known for her toned physique and sharing her journey online. Maintaining an active lifestyle seems really important to her.

Over the years, Miranda has found what works best for her health. when it comes to diet, exercise and balance, she is so careful about her diet. I’ll go over some of the things she focuses on. We will share her favourite workouts, nutrition plan and lifestyle habits. Her goal is to feel strong and energized naturally.

I’ll discuss the types of strength training, cardio and classes Miranda does each week. You’ll also learn about her diet including macros and meal prep strategies. I’ll also share some of her tips for incorporating movement beyond scheduled workouts.

Learning about how Miranda achieves and maintains her physique could provide inspiration for your own fitness goals.

Workout schedule of Miranda

Strength Training

Some of Miranda’s go-to moves include squats, lunges, hip thrusts and step-ups to work her lower body. For her upper body, she likes doing exercises like pushups, rows and bicep curls.


Miranda likes mixing up her cardio options. She’ll go running outside 3 times a week, either doing 5Ks or jogging for 30 minutes. A few times a week she hits boxing classes, which she finds is a fun full-body workout. Sometimes she’ll substitute running or boxing for 30-minute HIIT workouts at home using videos or bodyweight exercises.


Most weeks Miranda aims to work out 5-6 times. This includes strength training for 3 days and cardio for 2-3 days. She believes in allowing her body a chance to recover between intense sessions.

Exercise Philosophy

Miranda follows the principle of progressive overload to continually challenge her muscles. Over time she’ll increase the weight used, reps done or speed of exercises. She also thinks it’s important to change up her routine to surprise her body. Miranda listens to how she feels and will modify her plan when needed. Keeping it fresh helps maintain her motivation long-term.


Whole Foods Focus

Miranda sticks to whole, minimally processed foods like lean proteins, fruits/veggies, healthy fats and nuts. She focuses on quality over quantity.

Treat Yourself (Sometimes)

While she mostly avoids alcohol, Miranda believes in life’s little pleasures. She incorporates small treats weekly like her favorite coffee or dessert.

Macros and Calories
On average, Miranda targets:

– Protein: 0.7-1g per pound of body weight
– Carbs: 2-3g per pound of weight
– Fat: 0.3-0.5g per pound of weight
– Calories: 1800-2000 per day depending on activity

Meal Prep Sundays

To stay on track, Miranda dedicates one day each week to prepping salads, roasted veggies and protein dishes for the days ahead. Having healthy options ready makes it easier to grab clean meals.

Overall Wellness

Daily Movement

Miranda takes the stairs instead of the elevator and suggests walking to meetings when possible. Small activities add up. Even a few flights each day add up and keep her moving outside of formal workouts.

Relaxation Time

To avoid stress, she recommends unplugging from devices nightly. Getting adequate “me time” helps her avoid stress burnout. Miranda also enjoys yoga, reading or taking a long bath to unwind and decompress.

Zzzzs Are Important

Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night is a priority. Miranda believes adequate rest aids recovery and mental sharpness. Miranda sticks to a regular schedule on weekends too for consistency.

Physique of Miranda

Miranda has put a lot of effort into sculpting her physique over the years through a disciplined diet and exercise. Here’s a breakdown of her key features:


Her lower body is toned and muscular. Squats and lunges have given her powerful-looking thighs and calves.


Focused glute work like hip thrusts, kickbacks and fire hydrants have created nicely rounded and lifted glutes.


Miranda has developed strong abdominal definition from all the core engagement in her big compound lifts as well as dedicated ab moves.


Her arms are lean with subtle muscle definition from exercises like pushups, rows and bicep curls.


Boxing classes in particular have helped broaden her shoulder and clavicle area for a symmetrical look.


While Miranda is fit and athletic-looking overall, she focuses more on strength than overly low body fat. Her body still looks natural and healthy rather than overly muscular or lean. Consistency in both diet and exercise over several years has allowed her to sculpt the balanced physique she maintains today.

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